Exhibitions- 2014


Northern Editions and Bula`bula Arts Aboriginal Corporation present -
“Räl Gadung” - Good Hunter/Good Hunting”

This exhibition celebrates bush tucker, the skill of the Hunter and of course the skills of prominent artists Roy Burnyila, Bobby Bunungurr, Dorothy Djukulul, Robyn Djunginy and Billy Black.

Through the mediums of etching and Japanese-style woodblock prints, with beautiful and exquisite detail, they share intimate knowledge of the vegetation, the animals, their habitats and their hunters that are so essential to the core fabric of traditional life today and since time immemorial.

Northern Editions, Printmaking Studio and Gallery - Present
“Wood and Water”, New works from Waringarri Aboriginal Arts

A bold collection of Japanese-style woodblock prints is on show at Nan Giese Gallery. The works – presented by Northern Editions and Waringarri Aboriginal Arts – are by an impressive list of established artists including Agnes Armstrong, Louise Malarvie, Kittey Malarvie and Richard Bloomer.

The artists come from the remote desert township of Kununurra in Western Australia, located at the eastern extremity of the Kimberley Region.

Displayed alongside these prints is a collection of traditionally engraved Boab nuts. These compliment the prints beautifully with textures and colours influenced by the waterways and country of the Kimberley region.

Living Art

Jilamara is the Tiwi word used to describe body paint designs. These designs are painted onto the body during Pukumani and Kulama ceremonies. Pukumani is a Tiwi funeral ceremony and Kulama is an annual ceremony celebrating life and abundance. Kulama is a yam that emerges after the heavy rains. Traditionally, every line and every dot painted onto the body, on pukumani poles and bark baskets, was a visual language which the Tiwi interpreted and understood.

Fertile Top End
Image: Marina Strocchi, Title: Woolly Butts

March – April 2014

The Northern Editions Gallery will herald an exhibition of vibrant prints in various mediums, depicting the differing moods of the Northern Territory by Alice Springs based and much renowned and loved artists Wayne Eager and Marina Strocchi.


Exhibitions- 2013


Christmas Sale

“20 Christmas Cheers” show.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Northern Editions printmaking studio and Gallery.

Why not buy something nice for someone you love.

We have works from a variety of well-known artists at reduced prices.

Artists from the Tiwi Islands, Balgo, Alice Springs and Arnhem Land areas to name some.

Selected works at 20%, 30% and 40% off the marked price.

Works with free frames.

Open until 19th December

Visit us at Charles Darwin University, Building Orange 9 Casuarina campus. Or you can find us online- www.northerneditions.com.au

Darwin Festival exhibitions 2013
"Broncos, birds & boulders"
new prints by Bindi
( Mwerre Anthurre Artists)

Where: CDU, Northern Editions Gallery
Building Orange 9
Official Opening: 10th August at 2pm
Guest Speaker: Mr Tom Pauling AO QC
Opening Hours: 9am to 4pm weekdays
(Sat 17th & Sun 25th August 10am to 2pm )
Showing until 10th September 2013

Northern Editions & Warlayirti Artists Present


Where: CDU, Nan Giese Gallery
Building Orange10
Official Opening: Sat 10th August at 3pm
Guest Speakers: Artists - Helicopter Joe Tjungurrayi & Jane Gimme
Opening Hours: 9am to 4pm weekdays
(Sat 17th & Sun 25th August 10am to 2pm )
Showing until 30th August 2013

Impressions from The North
Exhibiting at the "Purple Noon Art and Sculpture Gallery" - Opening 1st June - 28th July 2013

Purple Noon Art and Sculpture Gallery, in partnership with Northern editions printmaking studio and gallery located at Charles Darwin University NT, are exciting to be showing a selection of prints from central Australia to the tropical north.

606 Terrace Rd
Freemans Reach
NSW, 2756
P: 02 4579 6579
E: purplenoon@bigpond.com
Opening Hours:
Weekdays 10:00am – 5:00pm
Weekends 11:00am – 4:00pm
Closed Tuesdays

Maternal Lines

Jean Baptiste Apuatimi and Maria Josette Orsto`s 2 & 3 dimensional prints.
Bede Tungutalum`s Japanese-style wood blocks prints.

Officially Opened by : Anita Angel, Curator – CDU Art Collection & Art Gallery
Opening : Sat 11th August at 11.30 am
Location : Northern Editions Gallery - Charles Darwin University Campus, Building Orange 9
Gallery Hours : Monday to Friday 9am –4 pm.


Previous Exhibitions


Big Family Continues

In celebration of ANKAAA`s 25th Anniversary, 34 etchings by ANKAAA member artists from across Northern Australia, in conjunction with Northern Editions are uniquely made into a Concertina Book.

Officially Opened by: Francesca Cubillo, National Gallery of Australia and Djambawa Marawili AM, Chairman ANKAAA

Opening : Sat 11th August at 10.30am
Location : Nan Giese Gallery - Charles Darwin University Campus, Building Orange 10
Gallery Hours : Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm

The amazing adventurers of Skanky the cat and Cheeky Dog
New works by Dion Beasley and Rob Brown

Showing:13th of August - 16th of September 2011

The Northern Editions team was excited to play host to two of the Northern Territories most interesting artists. Rob Brown and Dion Beasley joined together for a week long workshop from 15 to 19 November 2010.

Northern Editions' workshop manager Jacqueline F. Gribbin collaborated with the artists in etching while Charles Darwin University printer Leon Stainer focused on lithography. It was a colourful week and we are excited to exhibit the results of this workshop during August and September 2011.

Big Family - Etchings by ANKAAA members from across Northern Australia.
Showing:13th of August - 16th of September 2011

ANKAAA recently invited to Northern Editions to conduct a 2-day collaborative dry-point and etching workshop at Mt Bundy Station in Adelaide River where ANKAAA members gathered for their Annual General Meeting.

Northern Editions printmakers Jacqueline Gribbin and Sean Smith worked with about 30 artists from across Northern Australia including the Kimberley, Tiwi Islands and Arnhem Land. The resulting dry-points will be editioned in 2011 and exhibited as an ANKAAA collaborative project.

Fishy Relief
Showing:13th of August - 16th of September 2011

Fishy Relief is a community based project that retraces and reuses relief blocks created in 1923 by Gilbert Whitley during his studies in Ichthyology.

Participants in this event include Year 9 students from Darwin Middle School, teacher Sue Loeliger, local artist and papermaker Winsome Jobling and Northern Editions senior printmaker Jacqueline Gribbin.

The fish prints created during workshops will be exhibited at various locations throughout the Darwin Festival with a ceremonial release of the prints back to water

*please note that the paper and inks used are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Cut, Burn and Bite
Showing:13th of August - 16th of September 2011

Cut, Burn and Bite is an exciting exhibition that takes the viewer on a ‘behind the scenes’ journey through the world of Printmaking.
Northern Editions has worked in collaboration with artists from a number of locations in the Northern Territory and throughout Australia in a number of printmaking styles.
This exhibition guides you through the initial marks made by the artist, the collaboration between artist and printer and finally the production of the art work.


Highlight for Album: Paddy Bedford

Paddy Bedford

c.1922 - 2007 Paddy, or Kuwumji pronounced “Koomsie”, was born at Bedford Downs Station c.1922. Although Paddy painted ceremonial paintings all his life, his works on paper and canvas received international attention. Bedford depicts traditional Gija camping places in his distinctive abstract style. Waterholes, caves and hills are among the geographic features he paints. His achievements include numerous group exhibitions and acquisition by major museums and galleries. Northern Editions is proud to be representing the works of Bedford in the Northern Territory. All prints and imagery are courtesy of the Paddy Bedford Estate.


Alongside Paddy Bedford’s work we will feature a selection of some of Northern Editions’ best framed prints. For a limited time only, they will be available for purchase exclusive of the cost of framing: pay for the print and get the frame free of charge. Come in and acquire a great piece of fine art ready to hang as soon as you get home. Please contact Northern Editions for more framed prints, that are held in storage, but are for sale also till 22 July, 2011.

**Please Note: Sale ended 22nd of July**

Wadeye Women Etchings
Showing: 1 February - 18 March 2011

A series of new etchings from three women artists from Palngun Wurnangat Association in Wadeye community (NT). Bridget Bunduk had her first insight into printmaking during a five day workshop conducted by Northern Editions in July 2009. Kuwaku ‘Therese-Marie’ Dumoo and Ellen Tcherna are confirmed printmakers. They produced subtle and colorful etchings, editioned at Northern Editions workshop in 2010.

Dion Beasley - First etchings
Showing: 15 November - 17 December 2010

Official opening by Suzan Cox QC, Director of the Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission, with the artist on Thursday 18 November, 6pm

Tennant Creek artist Dion Beasley, of Cheeky Dog fame, has extended his talents to fine art printmaking in a series of delightful and engaging etchings. Scratching his favourite images of dogs, family and African animals directly on the plate, these first-ever etchings represent a significant development in his artwork.

Small etchings from Yuendumu
Showing: 15 November - 17 December 2010

Rosie Nangala Flemming, Liddy Napanangka Walker, Shorty Jangala Robertson and Alma Nangala Robertson from Warlukurlangu Artists' Aboriginal Corporation (in Yuendumu, 300km northwest of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory) produced a new series of small etchings.

Northern Impressions at Chan Contemporary Art Space, Darwin CBD
20 October - 26 November 2010

Northern Impressions, presented by Artback NT: Arts Development and Touring and Northern Editions at Charles Darwin University, is a vibrant celebration of contemporary fine art prints produced in collaboration between printmakers at CDU’s Northern Editions and some of northern Australia’s most talented artists. This selection of over 50 prints will challenge and delight perceptions of the printmaking medium, displaying its limitless potential for collaborative virtuosity, technical excellence and luminous colour.

The exhibition was officially opened by Darwin-based artist Chips Mackinolty (click here to view the full speech) and will tour regionally and nationally in 2011-13. Dates and locations to be announced soon.

Tiwi Shima
Tiwi artists’ first foray in Japanese-style woodcut prints

9 August - 29 October at Northern Editions Gallery

15 October - 14 November 2010 at Nomad Art Gallery in Canberra

For the first time, artists from all three art centres in Tiwi Islands have worked exclusively in water-based Japanese-style woodcut prints to achieve remarkable new work.

Nexus - A collaboration in print from Central Australia and Fiji
9 - 27 August 2010

New prints from Dorothy Napangardi, her daughter Julie Nangala Robinson, Mitjili Napanangka and Rusiate Lali.

Virtual Impressions - A Second Life gallery experience
16-17 August 2010

Be your own avatar and navigate through Northern Editions’ fascinating virtual gallery during Darwin Festival.

Rob Brown, Life after God - New prints
November 2009 - February 2010

With his characteristic wit, Brown has depicted both ends of Darwin's evolutionary scale in these inventive and lively monochrome prints. Reminiscent of 17th century copper plate etchings they pay homage to one of Brown’s idols Rembrandt, with their deep black chiaroscuro, irregular scratching marks and experimental quality.

Wulikija Jilamara - New etchings from Jilamara Arts and Crafts
August - October 2009

Wulikija Jilamara means ‘altogether colour’ and celebrates tradition and innovation in Tiwi art. These remarkable etchings were created in 2008 when Leon Stainer from the School of Creative Arts and Humanities at Charles Darwin University delivered a printmaking workshop for the artists at Jilamara Arts and Craft on Melville Island.

Mirndiyan Gununa Jardi - New prints from Mornington and Bentinck Islands Artists
August - October 2009

In November 2008, Northern Editions printmakers Gertjan Forrer and Jacqueline F. Gribbin travelled to the art centre on Mornington Island. These etchings represent the artists first foray into printmaking. Their fresh and contemporary style has translated magnificently into the print medium with striking results to represent the world through Kaiadilt and Lardil eyes capturing the colours of the sea and it’s life as well as the flora and fauna of these artists country.

Kimberley Ink - The Waringarri Suite and selected new etchings
August - October 2008

Kimberley Ink celebrates the launch of 'The Waringarri Suite' a deluxe boxed suite of hand-printed etchings combining the finest examples from Waringarri's senior and emerging artists in one collection. The suite of etchings was created during a series of of printmaking workshops held over 16 months in 2007-08 with Northern Editions.

Jirrawun Editions - Recent etchings 2005-2008
August - October 2008

Jirrawun Editions represents a powerful series of etchings by major Kimberley artists Paddy Bedford, Rammey Ramsey, Freddie Timms, Rusty Peters and Phyllis Thomas. Sparse in composition and bold in form and colour, this compelling series of etchings depict significant sites in the artist’s country and their ancestral stories, as well as narratives from the artists own lifetimes.

Shane Pickett - Bibble waargning, paper talk
June - July 2008

Northern Editions in collaboration with Indigenart: The Mossenson Galleries proudly presents the Six Seasons Suite, a deluxe boxed suite of six etchings produced in collaboration with printmaker Dian Darmansjah and editioned by Simon White for Northern Editions in 2005-2006. Each of the etchings represents one of the six seasons, the annual cycle that guides Nyoongar people in their understanding of their country.

Balgo - New etchings and glass by Warlayirti artists
August - October 2007

The Warlayirti artists of the Balgo Hills area are one of the most diverse and innovative artistic communities in Australia. Located on the northern fringe of the Tanami and Great Sandy deserts this remote community has produced paintings and prints which have become highly sought after by international collectors.
Artists such as Eubena Nampitjin and Tjumpo Tjapananka are esteemed law givers and Helicopter Tjungurrayi is a respected healer within the community. Their art reflects a rich history and connection with the land.

Bidyadanga - New screenprints
August 2007

Dorothy Napangardi - Etchings and screenprints 2001-2006
June - July 2007

Northern Editions in collaboration with Gallery Gondwana presents Dorothy Napangardi: etchings and screenprints 2001-2006. This exhibition brings together 20 etchings and screenprints by Dorothy Napangardi produced over a period of five years. It is the first time such a comprehensive group of Dorothy’s prints have been exhibited...

Marina Strocchi and Wayne Eager - New etchings and lithographs
May - June 2007

This exhibition celebrates the release of a diverse and rich collection of 26 limited edition prints by these prominent Alice Springs-based artists. Their extensive experience in the Territory landscape, both Central and Top End, and their recent travels in Europe have inspired these distinctive images.

Sublime Journey - New works by Caroline Rannersberger
April - May 2007

This recent body of work by Caroline creates a bridge from her previous work, Sublime Territory, and comprises a series of small etchings which examine concepts of exploration and colonisation from the personal perspective of the artist’s own German/Australian heritage. The seventeenth century German literary character, Simplicissimus, reappears as the narrator/protaganist of a new history Caroline is beginning to construct from her experiences and from her research into German philosophy and literature in relation to Australian identity and the landscape.

Kakadu mulil bim - A gathering of kakadu artists
April - May 2007

Kakadu mulil bim is an exhibition of works generated from two CDU printmaking workshops in 2006. It represents a community group of Kakadu based art practitioners ranging from young emerging artists to experienced and more established artists. The diversity of works is testament to the unique, first efforts by a united group of independent artists from the Kakadu region.

Alan Griffiths - Paintings and prints
August - September 2006

Northern Editions, in collaboration with Waringarri Aboriginal Arts, presents a selection of paintings and prints by senior artist Alan Griffiths. From the elegantly ‘mapped’ illustrations of his traditional country to the quirky depictions of his life and culture, Alan’s distinctive imagery takes us on a rich visual journey through his myriad of life experiences as stockman, camel trek driver, performer and teacher of traditional culture.

Jilamara: new etchings from Melville Island
August - October 2006

This exhibition celebrates the release of a stunning collection of limited edition etchings by prominent Tiwi artists Raelene Kerinauia, Janice Murray, Pedro Wonaeamirri, Dymphna Kerinauia, Timothy Cook, Kenny Brown, Glen Farmer and Conrad Tipungwuti. Produced in collaboration with printmakers Dian Darmansjah, Leon Stainer and Trent Walter, this body of work reveals the rich and diverse artistic tradition of some of Australia’s most exciting contemporary artists.

Collectors editions - Iconic Waringarri prints from the Kimberley
June - July 2006

Iconic prints from famous aboriginal artists such as Paddy Carlton, Queenie McKenzie, Rusty Peters, Shirley Purdie, Billy Thomas and many others.

Pandanus to paper - Weavings and prints from Bula'bula Arts
November - December 2005

Out of the Box - The Warlayirti Suite and other new editions from Balgo
August - September 2005

The suite of 10 etchings includes senior artists such as Eubena Nampitjin, Elizabeth Nyumi, Helicopter Tjungurrayi, Tjumpo Tjapanangka, as well as Kathleen Paddoon, Fred Tjakamarra, Ningie Nangala and Brandy Tjungurrayi. These striking new etchings from Warlayirti Artists reflect the same strength of line and adept use of colour for which the artists are highly renowned and further celebrate these artists' expertise in the printmaking medium.

'PRINT 'EM UP!' - Contemporary Aboriginal prints from Northern Editions
July - September 2005

'Print 'em up!', presented at the Australian Embassy, Washington DC, USA, showcases 40 limited edition prints from the art-producing communities of Balgo Hills and the East Kimberley in Western Australia, Yuendumu in Central Australia, and Melville Island on the northern coast of the Northern Territory. It encompasses work by over 20 artists, including a number of Australia’s leading Aboriginal artists: Eubena Nampitjin, Elizabeth Nyumi, Helicopter Joe Tjungurrayi, Dorothy Napangardi, Shorty Jangala Robertson, Nina Puruntatameri and many other promising artists from the next generation.

Luminous - Recent prints and paintings by senior Yuendumu artists
August - September 2005

Northern Editions Printmaking Studio and Gallery, together with Warlukurlangu Aboriginal Artists, are pleased to present new paintings and prints from senior Yuendumu artists. A selection of both prints and paintings has been brought together to complement the luminous new prints by Uni Martin, Lucy Kennedy and Shorty Robertson. This vibrant exhibition conveys the web of connections between stories and family, ink and paper, and paint and canvas; it showcases the best Warlukurlangu has to offer from artists including Paddy Stewart, Paddy Simms, Judy Napangardi Watson and Betsy Lewis.

Ngini Ngawula Ngiramini Amitiya Murakupu (Our language and our country)
Etchings from Munupi Arts and crafts
May - June 2005

This exciting and vibrant exhibition showcases 21 etchings by 13 women artists including Donna Burak, Josephine Burak, Theresa Burak, Reppie Orsto, Connie Puruntatameri, Francesca Puruntatameri, Karen Puruntatameri, Maree Puruntatameri, Nina Puruntatameri, Shandi Puruntatameri, Sheila Puruntatameri, Maryanne Tungatalum and Susan Wanji Wanji .